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ZESS und FHR erhalten hohe wissenschaftliche Auszeichnung: "Transactions Prize Paper Award"


Mrs. S. Niet Wunram (Secretary), Prof. Dr. O. Loffeld (Speaker), Dr. S. Knedlik (Executive Director),
Prof. Dr. W. Wiechert (Vice Speaker)

The Center for Sensorsystems (ZESS) and the Research Center for Multidisciplinary Analysis and Applied System Optimization (FOMAAS), co-hosting the programme offer research and education opportunities in all aspects of sensors, multi sensor systems, sensor data processing, multi sensor data fusion, simulation and optimization of complex sensor systems with applications in nearly any scientific and technical field.

The interdisciplinary nature of the offered programme is represented by the member faculties of ZESS and FOMAAS, namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Economics.

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