About IPP Multi Sensorics

The International Postgraduate Programme (IPP) Multi Sensorics of the Center for Sensorsystems (ZESS) and the Research Center for Multidiscplinary Analysis and Applied System Optimization (FOMAAS) at the University of Siegen is funded by DAAD and DFG. The IPP provides financial support to doctoral students, to supplement their normal grant. The program does not assign basic grants to carry out a research project at the faculty. Such grants might be received from other institutions like the DAAD or the DFG. The DAAD, for instance, supports students from abroad, interested to conduct doctoral research in Germany. These students are normally selected in their home country and have to get permission from the German faculty or institute for a working place to obtain visa. The DAAD grant, however, does not cover the costs for fieldwork, laboratory costs, etc., and neither are these covered completely by the IPP: these costs have to be funded separately by a research grant.

The IPP Multi Sensorics organizes educational activities and covers expenses which normally cannot be covered by a research grant.

Examples are:
  • organization of workshops and short courses held by international scientists visiting Siegen
  • student participation in international meetings and short courses at conferences
  • longer stays at labs of co-operating international partners

The programme potentially supports doctoral students of the Faculty of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and is further open to all doctoral students from scientific academic areas with, however, strong relationship to the aforementioned engineering disciplines.

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